This site has the accumulation of the life's work of Lee Crystal's SciFi art and literature.   Contact Outpost 13  I use to hate constructive criticism, but I have realized that it can be very helpful. Let me tell you a little story about that.  When I was a young teen I submitted a short story I typed on my typewriter to Starlog Magazine. (They use to publish sci-fi stories then.)  I got a reply from them that was not a standard rejection letter. They told me they liked it and wanted me to work on it and clean it up (For spelling and grammar I'm sure.) and re-submit it.   What did I do?   I felt it was just a rejection letter and I never did anything.   I took the criticism to hard. It's obvious to me now they were able to see through the problems and see the story I was trying to tell.   Just imagine if I didn't take their letter as a bad thing. Who knows where I might be today?   Please fell free to give me your constructive criticism. Telling me “it sucks” is useless to me. Please tell me why you think it “sucks”. To contact outpost 13 send an email to: admin at outpost13 dot com.  Or you can use this quick form to respond right away.                     Any feedback on what you think about the site and web content would be nice.     Join my Banner/Links Exchange Here.

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